New Book: “Silencio en el convento”

Puerto Rican writer Luis Saldaña recently published his second book and first novel Silencio en el Convento [Silence in the Convent]. It was officially launched on March 30, 2012, at the Amphitheater of the General Archives of Puerto Rico. Launched in Venezuela and Spain, and received very enthusiastically by the public and critics, Silencio en el Convento has been described by the Venezuelan newspaper Universal as “A fast-paced dramatic thriller.”

Luis Saldaña is a maritime lawyer with a degree in creative writing who, despite being a relative newcomer on the Puerto Rican literary scene, has already won several prizes for his writing. He is also author of the short story collection La lengua y otros dialectos (2009). [See previous post New book: Luis Saldaña’s La lengua y otros dialectos.]

Description: The main character, journalist Armando San Miguel, leads us on an amazing journey that goes from a mystery and an anonymous death, to love and sex. Silence in the convent is a story that unfolds on a stage full of shadows and mystery, set in abandoned convent and based on an important historical figure, which will lead the reader to a dramatic and unexpected climax.

The trigger for the plot is a startling discovery during the remodeling of a building that once housed the convent of Carmelite Reverend Mothers. This event will throw together several powers with conflicting interests: the Church, the press and the financial sector. This combination will give way to action and intrigue, murder, love triangles, accusations and revenge.

The former convent is purchased by developer Joaquín Sabater Gandarillas, who aims to remodel the structure and build a luxury hotel that will retain the name by which it is popularly known: El Convento. The Catholic Church, through a sinister monk and a powerful law firm, opposes the project. Armando’s mission is to find out the real reason for the Church to oppose the construction.

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