Musicians from 12 Countries to Participate in Cubadisco 2012

Groups and soloists from 12 countries have so far confirmed their attendance to the upcoming International Fair Cubadisco 2012, which will run from May 19 through May 27. The fair, dedicated to the guitar, has been dubbed “La isla de las mil cuerdas” [The Island of a Thousand Strings] It will be attended by representatives from Spain, Argentina, Germany Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, which is bringing a large delegation headed by singer Danny Rivera and the group Mapeyé. The fair includes several competitions, award ceremonies, a variety of concerts, and an international symposium.

Venues for galas, award ceremonies, and some of the performances include the Karl Marx Theater, the Mella Theater, and the Covarrubias Room at the National Theater. An international symposium will take place from May 21 to 25 at the Benigno Santos Room of the University of San Gerónimo of Havana, in the historic center.

Casa del Alba will host he second Campeonato Internacional de Pie Forzado [the International Championship of Improvisation, where troubadours are given an impromptu topic and they must improvise 10-line stanzas—décimas—with the particular rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC.]

Here is more information from Prensa Latina:

At a press conference last week, the president of the show, Ciro Benemelis, announced the organizing committee has already begun to evaluate more than 190 musical productions in 44 categories, and another 60 who aspire to an International Award nomination, including album “Hands All Over” by the Puerto Rican group Calle 13.

As an innovation, the fair will open its spectrum to alternative and independent music labels, representing some Cuban artists living abroad.

This edition, dubbed “The island of a thousand strings,” pays tribute to three great exponents of the guitar genre: Ñico Rojas, Vicente Gonzalez Rubiera (Guyun) and Compay Segundo, in the framework of the 105th anniversary of his birth.

With the guitar as the epicenter and composer Leo Brouwer as honorary president, the fair will be inaugurated to the rhythm of 11 members of the German Bavarian Orchestra, directed by Walter Abt, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra. A great trova concert that will link exponents of several generations, a violin vigil and a concert of female guitarists, will be among the proposals of Cubadisco 2012, which has become the largest record meeting of Cuba.

See examples of a pie forzado competition (on the TVE Canarias show Tenderete) here:


For more information, see in English and in Spanish.

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