Upcoming Caribbean Conferences: April 2012 Update

Our thanks to Peter Jordens, once again, for compiling this update on upcoming conferences for our readers. The abbreviated list is below. To download the full list, which covers the period ending in January 2012 and contains additional information about the conferences listed click here: Caribbean Conferences April 2012 Update

April 3-4, 2012.  Mandeville, Jamaica

International Language Conference: “Un-Babel-ing Language: Engendering Global Understandings”

Web http://linguistlist.org/confcustom/IntLangConf2012

April 9-13, 2012.  La Habana, Cuba

33rd Pan-American Convention of Engineering: “Integration, Solidarity and Innovation in Engineering for Sustainable Development”

Web http://www.upadicuba.com

April 12-15, 2012.  New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Conference: “Transnational Hispaniola II: Bodies, Commodities, Cultures, and Regimes of Mobility”

Web http://latcar.rutgers.edu/espanolaconference.html

April 12-16, 2012.  Santiago, Cuba           

12th International Conference of African and Afro-American Culture

Web http://www.afrocubaweb.com/ortizafrican12.htm

April 13-15, 2012.  Leeds, England, UK

Conference: “Narrating the Caribbean Nation: A Celebration of Literature and Orature”

Web http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/2458986896

April 15-16, 2012.  Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

4th Bi-annual Graduate Student Conference: “Caribbean Without Borders: Interrogating Postcolonial Discourses”

Contact Enrique Olivares at cwbconference@gmail.com

April 15-18, 2012.  Georgetown, Guyana

13th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development (STC 13)

Web http://caribbeanstc.com or http://www.onecaribbean.org

 April 19-21, 2012.  Cayman Islands

57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC)

Web www.chrc-caribbean.org

April 22-27, 2012.  San Juan, Puerto Rico

56th Annual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES): “The Worldwide Education Revolution”                                                                                                                                                                                  

Web http://www.cies2012.psu.edu

One thought on “Upcoming Caribbean Conferences: April 2012 Update

  1. Dear Lisa : Your posting of these conferences are fascinating, but we should
    orchestrate a way of getting the feedback of those conferences or the contacts for those of us who we are not going to be able to attend. I don’t know if anybody is going to read this message and if somebody is going to pay any mind to it. But just in case there is life in that planet! God bless You. Elder Pedro Perez-Ortiz PC(USA)

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