Documentary Film: “Cuba in the Age of Obama”

Repeating Islands (well, half of it) is searching for a copy of Gianni Minà’s 2011 film Cuba in the Age of Obama. The documentary is a travelogue of sorts; the director travels from Havana to Guantanamo listening to Cubans—young people in particular: medical students, artists, dancers—“To show,” he says, “a reality about which information has been scarce because no one tells it. That’s what I show.”

When asked how this project came about, Minà says, “For thirty years I have traveled to Cuba, even after the end of ideologies: Communism, Capitalism . . . I wanted to try to understand why after 50 years it has survived, belying everyone [against all odds]. It still there and it has suffered less the failure of the neoliberal global economy, because it is a country that leads a Spartan life, and there is a lot of solidarity between people. As a minor expert on Cuba and Latin America, I see how strongly Cuba has developed a collective consciousness and solidarity: this is its secret. Even the dissidents, who are wealthier, do not deny this.”

For more information (and interview with the director), see

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