Art Exhibition: “Afrolatinos”

The collective exhibition “Afrolatinos” will open on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 6:00pm at the Caguas Museum of Art [Museo de Arte de Caguas ] in Puerto Rico. This exhibition is part of the Third International Congress of Revista Negritud [The Negritude Journal], which takes place March 22-24. The exhibition will be at the Carlos Osorio and Arte Alternativo rooms at the museum. Located at Ruiz Belvis, Esq. Padial, Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Afrolatinos will focus on a contemporary artistic discourse that draws from various aesthetic and conceptual approaches; it explores the fusion between Latino and African in a variety of media such as painting, animation, photography, construction, installation, mixed media, sculpture, engraving, ceramics, performance, drawing, and video.

Participating artists are: Natalie Anaya, David Aponte, Imna Arroyo, Madame Aslesha, Diógenes Ballester
Elí Barreto, Javier Bosques, Nathan Budoff, Ramón Bulerín, Carlos Cancio, Justo Carreras, Papo Colo, Cecilio Colón Guzmán, Jorge Rito Cordero, Karla Cott, Gabriel Cruz-Díaz, Alejandro De Jesús, Luis García Nerey, Dash Harris, Rosa Ibarra, Daniel Lind, Samuel Lind, Víctor Lugo, Jesús Macarena, Dennis Mario, Elba Meléndez, Mero, Wanda Nazario, Juan Diego Pérez La Cruz, Jorge Carlos Pérez Ratcliffe, Joselyn Ponce, Ivonne Prats, Ricardo Ramírez , Rubén Ríos, Martín Rivera García, Héctor Román, Aby Ruiz, César Octavio Santa Cruz, Nelson Sambolín, Milena Scherezade Carranza , Edra Soto, Awilda Sterling, Raquel Torres Arzola, Emanuel Torres –Pérez, Rafael Trelles, Baruch Vergara, Adrián Viajero Román, and Denise Wyllie.

For more information, see or call (787)-744-8833, Exts. 1828, 1836, 1838

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