New Film: Mahadeo Shivraj’s “A Jasmine for a Gardener”

The National Cultural Centre (NCC) in Georgetown, Guyana, recently screened the latest film by Guyanese director Mahadeo Shivraj, A Jasmine for a Gardener.  The film will then be screened in Essequibo and Berbice.

This Bollywood type movie, which features six timeless, classical Indian songs, is the second film produced by Mahadeo Shivraj and the Dramatic Arts Academy.

President Donald Ramotar, who attended the screening with First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar, commented: “It is something we can all be proud of….we should encourage more of this in Guyana, so that we can eventually build a good film industry that will promote our culture.”

According to the Guyana Chronicle, the film tells the story of a girl who is forced into marriage by her parents for the sake of wealth, but who defies their wishes to follow her heart and the quest for happiness. Shivraj, who is the producer/director of the film, also plays a lead role. The cast includes Neaz Subhan, Nazim Hussain, Rajan Tiwari, Mark Kazim, Bhavana Samtani, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento, and Dimple Mendonca.

A Jasmine for a Gardener was screened eight times in New York and was ranked by the viewing audience as the best Guyanese and Caribbean movie ever made.

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