Call for Papers: The Indian Diaspora in St. Vincent and the Wider Caribbean

The St. Vincent Chapter of GOPIO International will sponsor The Indian Diaspora in St. Vincent and the Wider Caribbean to be held on June 2-3, 2012. The conference will coincide with Indian Arrival Day in St. Vincent on June 1st (which has been formally recognised by St Vincent and the Grenadines Parliament since 2007). The deadline date for submission of abstract is by April, 1, 2012; full paper is due on May 1.

Description: The population of St. Vincent is approximately 100,000 consisting mainly of persons of African descent. There are small numbers of mixed persons of Carib and African origin, Europeans and South Asians/East Indians. Indians form about 5,000 (5%) of the total population. Although Indians in St. Vincent are scattered in several villages, there are distinct areas where they are concentrated, namely Richland Park, Calder and Rosebank as well as Akers, Georgetown, Park Hill and Orange Hill.

The St. Vincent Chapter of GOPIO (The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin) will be the main host and organiser of the conference. The conference aims to bring together academics, scholars, students, teachers, organisations and people with an interest in the Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean to discuss their research findings. Besides the lecture sessions, the program will include attendance to Indian Arrival Day observances in St. Vincent; and all-day island guided tour that would include natural heritage and historical sites, a cultural show, and a film screening.

Possible paper topics can include, but are not limited to conversion, resistance, discrimination, politics, history, family histories, migration, literature, gender, orature, performance, art, sports, recreation, accommodation, survival, the media, etc. Each paper to be presented must make reference to Indians in St. Vincent.

Send abstract of 200 words and brief biodata (via Word attachment) to Dr. Arnold Thomas in St. Vincent (, GOPIO International Coordinator for the Caribbean, and Dr. Kumar Mahabir, University of Trinidad and Tobago ( In the Subject line, please type, “St Vincent Indian Conference.”

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2 thoughts on “Call for Papers: The Indian Diaspora in St. Vincent and the Wider Caribbean

  1. Dr. Thomas, I would like like to participate in this conference. I am an Associated Professor at Cuny, Medgar Evrs College. My Husband is a Professor At Baruch College, Cuny. We are from India and we are settled in New York. Our research focus is Indian population in th United States.

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