Art Exhibition: Sophia Martelly Inaugurates « L’art haïtien vu par nos femmes »

Sophia Martelly, First Lady of Haiti, opened March 8, 2012, the group exhibition “L’art haïtien vu par nos femmes” [Haitian Art Seen by the Women of Haiti]. The exhibition features of 32 women artists at the main gallery of the National Pantheon Museum (Musée du Panthéon national or MUPANAH). The exhibition, curated by Michèle Gardère Frisch, is on view until April 8, 2012.

Among the featured artists are the pioneers of contemporary Haitian art, such as Luce Turnier, Rose Marie Desruisseau, Hilda Williams, Tamara Baussan, Andrée Naudée, Marie José Nadal, Michèle Manuel, and artists that concentrate on the naïf style, comme Louisiane St Fleurant, Louisiane Lubin, and others.

Organized on the occasion of the Journée internationale de la Femme et la Quinzaine de la Francophonie [International Women’s Day and the Francophonie Fortnight], this exhibition is sponsored by the MUPANAH and the Presidency, and it aims to honor the well-known talent of representative women artists in Haiti.

In her message, Sophia Martelly stressed the importance of women’s perspectives in modern society. Today, she said, is the time to find solutions to improve the conditions of all Haitian women. Martelly believes that women are the guarantors of education, the emotional balance of the family, and the real promoters of the informal economy.

[Many thanks to Myriam Chancy for bringing this item to our attention.]

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