Haiti Rêvé: “Behind the Screen” Film Series and Discussion

As part of the activities for the series of events gathered under the title Haïti: Pays Rêvé, Pays Réel, Marquette University presents L’envers de l’écran [Behind the Screen] on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, from 2:30 to 9:00pm at the Weasler Auditorium. The auditorium is located at West Wells Street, between 15th and 16th Street]. The screenings and related talks are free and open to the public.

L’envers de l’écran presents projection and discussion of documentary film shorts. There will also be a plenary presentation on Haitian cinema by the film director Arnold Antonin—“Filmer Haïti: Histoires d’Haiti”—and a screening and discussion of his feature film Les Amours d’un zombi, candidat à la présidence [The Loves of a Zombie, Presidential Candidate].

Documentary film shorts include Pays Rêvé, Pays Réel by Christian Tortel; post-earthquake documentaries by the Youth Club of Pétion-Ville (introduced by the author and activist Yanick Lahens); and Kenbe La/Hold on, documentary on the Sainte Trinité School of Music.

Haïti 2012: Dreams and Reality – pays rêvé, pays réel gathers for the first time in Chicago and Milwaukee from March 5-9, 2012 leading personalities of the Haitian cultural scene. Two years after the January 12th, 2010 devastating earthquake, this event has been conceived as an invitation to explore, together with our guests, the vibrancy of the Haitian heritage and of its cultural production in the twenty-first century.

For more information, see http://www.consulfrance-chicago.org/spip.php?article1531 and previous post Conference Program: RENCONTRES – MILWAUKEE MEETS HAÏTI

See review of Antonin’s film (and photo) at http://www.lenouvelliste.com/article.php?PubID=1&ArticleID=86270


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