Fresh Milk Showcases Works by Katherine Kennedy and Simone Padmore

ARC magazine announces that the works of two Barbadian artists—Katherine Kennedy and Simone Padmore—will be showcased by Fresh Milk. The works are part of Fresh Milk’s five day residency project and will be shown on March 10, 2012. ARC writes:

These two visual artists are among a group of young Barbadian practitioners interrogating the local space anew. Both are recent graduates, Katherine holds a BFA from the University of Lancaster in the UK and Simone a BFA from the Barbados Community College. Unknown to each other, the five day project will provide these two young women the space to work alongside each other and experiment in a new environment.

Having recently returned to Barbados from the United Kingdom, Katherine writes, “This sensation of belonging and yet feeling like you have even been displaced in your own home is what I would like to explore during this residency. I would still like to work with shadows, and the way they are behind the scenes but still ever present, still darkening and affecting surroundings, and you cannot pin them down or erase them; they are both part of you, and yet not a part of you. Despite being back where you once felt at ease, the shadows of broadened horizons (another contradiction) make it impossible to regress into who you were before you left.” Katherine builds kinetic installations and works with sound.

Simone works on paper exploring themes of identity, popular culture and dreamscapes. Rendered in a surrealistic manner, her drawings juxtapose diverse subject matter in an exaggerated manner betraying an obsession for detail. Simone wants to use the opportunity of the Fresh Milk residency to produce a new body of work inspired by the physical surroundings at Fresh Milk.

[Shown here, a work by Simone Padmore.]

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