New Book: “Mona, una leyenda entre el mar y el sol”

Víctor Manuel Nieves’ new book, Mona, una leyenda entre el mar y el sol [Mona: A Voyage between the Sea and the Sun] was presented by the Sierra Club last week at the Sila Calderón Foundation auditorium. This bilingual edition features spectacular photos of Mona Island, an almost mythical natural reserve off the coast of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Description: Spectacular panoramic images of the island, aerial photos, underground and underwater photos, and portraits of nature, join with fascinating anecdotes to form part of the book Mona, una leyenda entre el mar y el sol by Victor Manuel Nieves. It is an exploration of the mythical little island through time from a broad perspective that covers its inhabitants, its legends, and especially its unique natural beauty.

Photographer and author of the book weaves through monographic essays that recount historical events and facts you never thought about the nature reserve. Among the topics presented are the geology of the island, the first settlers, the role of Mona in the Spanish conquest, the extraction of guano, the legends, the famous camp Cofresi, military use of land, the lighthouse, the super Port, 1970, stories of pirates, modern uses of the island and conservation programs. All essays beautifully illustrated with many photographs and artwork. Complementing this volume, there are two stunning photo essays on the nature and landscape of the island.

According to the author, “the islands deserve to be considered as a genuine natural and historical heritage of humanity.”

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