British Virgin Islands Host 2012 Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival

The Caribbean Artisan Network announces that the Duke of Gloucester will be officially opening the 8th Annual Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival at Trellis Bay Village on March 9, 2012, at 2:00pm. The festival will take place from March 9 to 15. The festival will include wine tasting, artisan displays, painting and craft demonstrations, live entertainment, contest, Fungi Music, Moko Jumbies , cassava baking demonstrations, Activities will take place at Trellis Bay Village, Noel Lloyd Positive Action Park, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, and the Bitter End Yacht Club.

The Caribbean Artisan Network is an eight-year-old BVI registered Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Caribbean Arts and Crafts. By creating links between artisans, the network functions to strengthen the production of traditional and innovative Caribbean Crafts through educational workshops, marketing initiatives and skill preservation efforts. The Caribbean Artisan Network is dedicated to increasing the commercial viability of Craft as an income generator and as a crucial aspect of maintaining Caribbean cultural identity.

The Caribbean Artisan Network’s slogan for this year’s festival: “Use our natural resources in the preservation of our cultural heritage and our imagination to revitalize our economy and cultural identity!” is seen as a rallying cry for artisans and consumers to strive towards sustainable economic development and cultural identity formulation through the imaginative and intelligent use of our natural resources.

This year the Caribbean Artisan Network is honoring the BVI’s East End/Long Look straw workers, who have admirably demonstrated the positive values and economic viability of a life dedicated to craft.

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