New Film: El Rey de Najayo

This coming week in the Dominican Republic, audiences will be able to see the upcoming film El Rey de Najayo [The King of Najayo], produced by Unicorn Films and Entrepreneur Films, directed by Fernando Báez, and starring Manny Pérez, Sergio Carlo, and Luz García.

Official release dates are February 28 in the capital, Santo Domingo, and February 29 in Santiago.

El Rey de Najayo is a film inspired by true-life events, loosely weaving in elements from the life of the late drug lord Florián Félix. Báez confirms that, although there are historical scenes that recreate moments in Félix’s life, the film is not necessarily based on his real trajectory.

As in his previous film La soga, Manny Pérez again recreates a story in which a child is marked by violence and seeks to avenge the death of his father, factors that lead him to become an infamous drug trafficker.

The producers have signed an agreement with Hogares Crea Dominicano in support of at risk youth in the Dominican Republic; they will donate two Dominican pesos for each ticket sold at theaters.

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