New Book: “El eterno retorno—exiliados republicanos españoles en Puerto Rico”

Ediciones Doce Calles (Madrid, 2012) recently published El eterno retorno: exiliados republicanos españoles en Puerto Rico [The Eternal Return: Spanish Republican Exiles in Puerto Rico],  coordinated by Consuelo Naranjo Orovio, Matilde Albert Robatto, and María Dolores Luque. This book will be presented on March 1, 2012, at the Museum of the University of Puerto RicoRío Piedras.

Description: In the case of Puerto Rico, the arrival of Spanish exiles were produced mainly from countries such as the neighboring Dominican Republic, where political pressure and persecution by President Trujillo on Spanish refugees was accompanied by efforts conducted by different foreign institutions, such as the University of Puerto Rico, to hire Spanish professors, painters, musicians, and poets.

This book brings together eleven studies on the reception of these men and women exiles in Puerto Rico, their adaptation, integration and efforts to—as seen in many examples—“blend into the landscape,” focusing on the work they produced as well as their dreams and hopes. This research was based on archives and interviews with the actual protagonists or their descendants in order to give the reader a fuller picture of exile, of the work and days of a group that fought to regain the lost space and rhythms of their everyday lives.

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