Digital Library of the Caribbean to host a special exhibit: 50 | 50 The Road to Independence – Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Independence for Jamaica, and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Florida International University (FIU) Libraries Special Collections and the Digital Library of the Caribbean has designed a special exhibit: 50 | 50 The Road to Independence – Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago which also celebrates Black History Month, South Florida Caribbean News reports.
The event will feature a conversation about the ‘Journey to Independence’ to be held next Tuesday, February 28, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Green Library, Room 220, (South Campus) located at 11200 SW Eighth Street, Miami.  Featured speakers will include FIU Professor Percy Hintzen, and Erica Williams Connell, the daughter of former Caribbean statesman Eric Williams who led Trinidad to its independence. FIU Professor Dr. Donna Weir-Soley will also read poetry commenting on the need for independence by the Hon. Louise Bennett, OM, OJ, Jamaica’s cultural icon, folklorist, writer and educator.
The event is co-sponsored by the FIU African and African Diaspora Studies Program and the FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center, with supporting material from the Jamaica Tourist Board, the Consulate General of Jamaica and the University of the West Indies Fifty/Fifty Project.
The exhibition traces the road from the West Indian Federation to independent nations of Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago through politics, art and culture.
Items of special note in the exhibit include the Gleaner newspaper from September 20, 1961, which published the results of the Referendum to decide if Jamaica remained a part of the Federation; and original art from the first Jamaican post-Independence exhibition.  Also, there will be a series of Trinidadian pamphlets from the University of Florida Latin American Collection.
The exhibition continues throughout the month of February.  For more information, please call 305-348-3008.

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One thought on “Digital Library of the Caribbean to host a special exhibit: 50 | 50 The Road to Independence – Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Black History

    One day me cross over punt trench
    greenheart bridge only wide like me shoulda
    me machete tie ‘pon me waist
    me head-band tie strong
    fuh steady me head
    me bend down and scratch me big toe
    waiting like a morning cock a crow
    in Goberdhan back yard
    ‘till overseer done make he list
    me and Cujo fuh cut cane
    ‘till punt come, ‘till punt come
    quick, quick me squat on the grass
    take out me calabash
    with me dry-coconut
    and me salt-fish
    eat quick, quick and drink water
    from the canal
    and all day we cut cane
    cut and bundle cane
    load punt ‘till sun come down
    skin black like punt
    ashen-gray in Picasso color
    in the truck I listen to the voice
    deep inside my heart
    how the dust from my black skin
    will one day take me far, far away
    on a journey of my dreams
    from Africa, through the villages in Ghana
    across the Atlantic and the Pacific
    into the cold, winter streets of America
    and rendezvous in Canada
    for my new generation
    to make black history
    a curriculum of their lives.

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