Trinidadian Actor Sullivan Walker Dies

Renowned Trinidad-born actor Sullivan Walker, 68, died on Carnival Monday, February 20, 2012, succumbing to a massive heart attack in California. Originally from Success Village in Laventille, Trinidad, Walker’s career began at age nine and he continued to soar until landing a plum role as the grandfather of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson two years ago in the hit film Get Rich or Die Trying.

Walker’s big break came in 1986 while he was doing a play, “A Doll’s House,” in Atlanta. The casting of the popular Bill Cosby Show called and offered him a job. One year later, the casting called again and offered Walker a role as a cab driver on a series, Where I Live, which aired on ABC television. In a T&T Guardian interview Walker said that role led to a job with Steven Spielberg when he acted in another series—Earth Two—which also gave him the opportunity to act with Tom Cruise in the hit film The Firm.

In 2011, the Guardian wrote:

It would scarcely be an exaggeration to claim that Trinidad-born Hollywood actor, Sullivan Walker, has had an amazing career. Distinguished talent supported by unshakable determination have allowed Walker to transcend various boundaries and make a name for himself in the most competitive industry in the world. Starting out from very humble beginnings, Walker won a trip to New York City, after competing on Holly Betaudier’s Scouting for Talent in 1969, and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Now, through his own accomplishments and ties to the US market, Walker is the person to bring the Caribbean to the world. Some of his long-term plans include establishing a Caribbean network in the States and other regions of the world that will thrust our culture into the worldwide entertainment industry. Another exciting project that will put T&T’s name on the map once again, is the implementation of a production company. “We have more than enough talent and resources to create our own Caribbean Walt Disney Company,” said Walker.

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