Parental Control: Photographs by Marlon James

Photographer Marlon James discusses his work with ARC magazine. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

Marlon James has set out to make his name known by showing the world as he sees it through his camera lens. Marlon aims to create powerful and thought provoking work that his fans will come to appreciate. He describes his own art as classic and iconic. His style is reminiscent of photographers like Robert Mapplethrope and Richard Aveon who both possess the ability to capture a story while pushing boundaries, ensuring that the audience takes note of what they are trying to do with their art.

“Nothing is ever black and white…you have to make sure to look out for those gray areas”. And James’ photography is certainly packed with gray areas. At times you may linger over a photo wondering what is meant to be portrayed here and at other times the message is as clear as day. One thing that remains a constant is his ability to always manage to engage his audience. His message always subjective.

For full article, see

Se the artist’s page at

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