In Cuba: The 7th “Arañando la Nostalgia” Music Festival

Last week in Holguín, Cuba, several generations of Cubans met for the opening of the 7th Arañando la Nostalgia Festival [Strumming Nostalgia Festival]. Young and old met at the Comandante Eddy Suñol Theater to celebrate the history of Cuban music and to preserve traditional music.

The opening rendered tributes to two greats of Cuban music—Beny Moré and Moraima Secada—and commemorated the recently deceased Whitney Houston. Opening night featured soloists Aurora Delgado and Yamila Rodríguez and offered musical selection following the trajectory of Cuban music from the last 50 years of the 20th century to the present day. The festival’s main goal is the preservation of Cuba’s musical memory.

During the festival, Los Moddys (from Cienfuegos) are the guests of honor as they celebrate 45 years of performances since the founding of the group.

For more information (in Spanish), see and

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