Amerindian archaeologist in list for Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards

The latest three laureates of the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence have had extraordinary careers. This was disclosed last Monday by Michael Mansoor, chairman of  a regional Eminent Persons Panel selection committee at the announcement of the ANSA Caribbean Laureates at Tatil Building in Port-of-Spain—Trinidad’s Guardian reports.

“Each year we review the biograpies of several distinguished Caribbean achievers and it has been our experience that there is an abundance of talent and a surprisingly large number of individuals who pursue careers of excellence without great fanfare and who have contributed and in our view will continue to contribute bountifully to the advancement of Caribbean life in the arts, sciences and civic sphere.” Mansoor continued, “Our committee recently selected another three laureates who in our opinion have had extraordinary careers and in each case we believe their future work will surpass and exceed in relevance,  importance and impact, their previous contributions.”

He said, to date, a total of 16 outstanding Caribbean persons have been recognised and rewarded by the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence for their sterling work. George Simon, recipient of the Arts & Letters Award, is an Amerindian and a member of the Guyana First Peoples Nation. He is a visual artist and archaeologist who studied at the University of Portsmouth and London University. He recently made an archaeological discovery in Guyana that may cause history books to be radically rewritten.

Paula Lucie-Smith will get the Public and Civic Contributions award and is the founder and CEO of the Adult Literary Tutors Association (ALTA). Professor Leonard O’Garro is a plant pathologist from St Vincent. His work has been principally concerned with the use of science to treat or eradicate diseases that attack food crops in the region. The three will receive $500,000, a medal and a citation at an upcoming ceremony.

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