Landelijke Samenwerking Studenten Antropologie Conference: Francio Guadeloupe Discusses Stigma and Multiculturalism

Today, February 13, 2012, the National Collaboration of Anthropology Students [Landelijke Samenwerking Studenten Antropologie or Lassa] opens discussions at their latest conference. The theme this time is “Stigma.” The conference is taking place at Parnassos, Kruisstraat 201 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Participants will consider the experiences and perceptions of stigma in the world. Speakers include Sarah Sutterheim, Matthias Duyvis, Francio Guadeloupe and many others.

Aruban-born Francio Guadeloupe, who teaches at the University of Amsterdam, will discuss whether the multicultural question is a matter of stigma. Guadeloupe is the author of A vida e uma dança: the Candomble through the Lives of Two Cariocas (1999), Dansen om te leven: over Afro-Braziliaanse cultuur en religie (1999), Chanting Down the New Jerusalem: Calypso, Christianity, and Capitalism in the Caribbean (2008) and Adieu aan de Nikkers, Koelies en Makambas: een pleidooi voor de deconstructie van rasdenken binnen de Nederlandse Caribistiek (2010).

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