The Fabulous Caves Hotel in Negril, Jamaica

Well, we normally don’t post about specific hotels in the Caribbean—especially when we have never been there ourselves—but this post by Lavinia in the site looks at a hotel in Negril that looks architecturally/environmentally interesting. Here is her post.

Also referred to as “an organic interpretation of romance”, the atmosphere provided by the Caves Resort is one of a kind. Located in Negril, Jamaica, The Caves consists of twelve cottage-inspired dwellings, situated atop a dramatic cliff and overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Natural volcanic grottos can be explored by visitors of the resort, while swimming or during a romantic candlelight meal.

All the cottages were developed by architects Greer-Ann and Bertram Saulter, and display a charming rustic exterior. Their design was inspired from that of a tropical hut and are built with natural materials such as wood and stone. Each of the accommodation units provides a high degree of comfort and privacy and no mention beautiful sea vistas. Other resort features include sundecks, caves, a generous saltwater pool, hot tub and Jacuzzi. The Aveda Mini-Spa is a perfect place for relaxation and was developed in an open gazebo overlooking the blue waters of the Caribbean. According to the official website of the hotel, a variety of traditional and exotic looking dishes are provided for the visitors, from authentic Jamaican Jerk barbeques to magnificent candlelit 5-course affairs.

For more information, reservation and rates, you can contact the hotel staff here.

For the original report and more photos go to

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