Art Exhibition: Antonius Roberts Studio & Gallery

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, from 10:00am until 4:00pm, there will be an open house at Antonius Roberts’ Studio and Gallery. The gallery is located at 25 Cumberland Street, Nassau, Bahamas.

Once destroyed by fire and abandoned itself, the structure has been given new life by Bahamian artist Antonius Roberts as the Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery Space. [. . .] This space not only adds to the proliferation of art spaces in the area in the last few years but also holds a conversation with the recent downtown Nassau revitalization efforts by the Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP) which recognizes the importance of preserving culture and heritage in urban development.

With that in mind, one of Roberts’ patrons approached the artist with the proposition to purchase and give new life to the Hillside House as an art space. The proposition was of high importance to Roberts whose previous Post House Studio and Gallery space on Prospect Ridge was somewhat inconvenient. Two years later, the pair, as business partners, has been able to fulfill his dream of operating a space where art, as completed pieces and as works in progress, can be appreciated.

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