Prince Harry to play volleyball on Caribbean beach during Jubilee tour

Well, it is the weekend, and this is what passes for news. This story about Prince Harry—against whom I have nothing except a deeply-rooted belief that monarchies are so-twentieth-century—is here in support of Jamaica’s determination to go unroyal. He looks like a pleasant enough chap, and I’ll play volleyball with him if the opportunity arises, but royalty in the XXIst century is de trop.

Prince Harry, who plans to meet Usain Bolt during his Diamond Jubilee tour of the Caribbean and Central America next month, will also be travelling to Brazil to take part in a beach volleyball tournament.

The 27-year-old will travel onto Brazil from March 9 to 11 on behalf of the UK Government and his own charity, Sentebale.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, his private secretary, said that the countries had been “personally chosen” for the royal by his grandmother, who has visited each of them many times during her 60-year reign.

“Through Prince Harry the Queen will be formally extending her good wishes to Belize, Bahamas and Jamaica on the historic occasion of her Diamond Jubilee,” the Daily mail quoted Lowther-Pinkerton as saying.

“The tour’s itinerary reflects, with its mixture of formality and informality, Prince Harry’s wish to pay personal tribute to his grandmother the Queen but also to spend time wherever possible with young people in all three countries,” he said.

In Belize the royal will name a new road, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 Boulevard, in honour of his grandmother and visit ancient Mayan ruins as well as take part in a canoe naming ceremony.

The Bahamas leg of the trip sees him give a keynote speech and take part in a military maritime exercise.

While in Jamaica he will met the country’s new prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, who last month vowed to abandon the Queen as head of state and adopt a republican form of government.

Lowther-Pinkerton said the issue of whether the nation remains one of the monarch’s realms or follows a different path is something for the country’s people and government but stressed that the Prince would be taking the “good wishes of the Queen of Jamaica to the Jamaican people”.

After Jamaica he will travels onto Brazil where he will be the guest of honour at an event hosted by the British government to launch trade and tourism initiatives on the back of both the Jubilee and London Olympics on top of the world famous Sugarloaf Mountain.

Single Harry will also get a chance to take in the “sights” of Rio’s famous beaches when he takes part in a beach volleyball tournament – famed for the skimpy outfits sported by female competitors.

Although the 27-year-old prince will play in a male team, the tournament itself is mixed.

“I haven’t actually told him about that bit yet,” his private secretary admitted.

He will be the guest of honour at an event hosted by the British government on top of the world famous Sugarloaf Mountain

The cost of the trip, one of several to be undertaken on behalf of the Queen by members of the Royal Family this year, is expected to run into tens of thousands of pounds and will largely be shouldered by British taxpayers.

The prince will be taking scheduled flights in and out of Britain but will be hiring a private jet for himself and his four-strong entourage when they fly around the Caribbean.

Their hospitality costs are, however, largely being met by the host nations.

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