Cuba’s Oldest Person Celebrates Her 127th Birthday

The oldest living person in Cuba, Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodríguez celebrated her 127th birthday. According to the state’s National News Agency [Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN)], Candulia, as her relatives and neighbors call her, was “happy, proud of her progeny and grateful” for the loving treatment she receives in Santa Rosa, a rural district in the eastern province of Granma where she lives. Because of her longevity, she has been visited recently by Mexican, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Dominican tourists, something she never imagined would happen.

Juana Bautista was born on February 2, 1885, as recorded in Volume I, page 35, of the civil registry of Campechuela (located about 800 kilometers from Havana), where she has always lived. Daughter of a family of thirteen children, Candulia has survived her husband, with whom she had three sons; her descendants include six grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren, and seven great-great-grandchildren.

She and her family attribute her remarkable longevity to work, a diet including a variety of tubers, such as cassava and sweet potatoes, and the fact that she never drank or smoked, although she has never deprived herself of coffee. Her only complaint is about not being able to stand and that her faulty vision prevents her from watching television.

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