Documentary on Cuban Childhood Pemiered in Spain

The documentary Keinuka mugaz gaindi, based on the tour of Cuba carried out by the children’s theater company Anne Monna, Oskola eta Karramarroi, premiered in Spain yesterday, as part of a campaign to build bridges between children in Spain and the Caribbean island.
The Basque group participated in 2011 in the Guantanamo-Baracoa Theater Crusade, when they interacted with young Cuban students. Those experiences are the focus of the 40-minute film.
Two pieces by the Basque theater company, “Ina, Ina bombardina” and “Ya viene el Olentzero” were presented during their Cuban tour in several municipalities, theaters and schools of the eastern part of the island. The children’s company has carried out activities to boost friendship between children through the exchange of songs, poems, books and drawings.
The Keinuka mugaz gaindi project was created with the purpose of bringing together, by way of culture, the peoples of Euskal Herria, in the Basque country, and of the island.
The premiere of the film was sponsored by the Euskadi-Cuba Association, Ibaizabal Telebista and Kafe Antzokia, among other organizers, which included in the invitation a message of support for the Cuban Revolution.

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