Break-out star Gina Rodíguez revels in Sundance spotlight

Sundance Festival Director John Cooper gave fair warning to look out for Gina Rodíguez in Filly Brown at the festival, Bryan Alexander reports in this article for USA Today.

Following Brown‘s world premiere, Rodriquez has been one of the most-discussed performers at Sundance, propelling the 27-year-old to break-out star status.
Rodriquez’s mother, who flew in from Puerto Rico, and her sister flanked the actress as she took in the scale of the Filly Brown premiere last Friday.

“Each of them was holding one of my hands,” Rodíguez says. “My mom was crying. It was pretty amazing.”

After that the accolades have rolled in from fans and fellow actors, such as Aaron Paul, who is starring in the Sundance film Smashed.

“Aaron came up to me and said ‘I heard you were brilliant, I cannot wait to see it,'” says Rodíguez. “I was like, ‘Wow!’ ”

Her performance as a Latina rapper making a big decision about her professional future has made the struggle in Rodíguez’s real career worth it.

“I’ve had the door slam in my face with people telling me, ‘you’re not pretty enough, you’re not skinny enough.’ As many times as that has happened, I just found the door that was open,” says Rodríguez. “It was a crack, but I squeezed my way through it.”

The actress has stayed at the festival through its final day, with plans to attend the final awards ceremony Saturday night. Then her next big step — trying to change her plane ticket to watch one more day of Sundance films.

“I know that on Sunday you can watch all the winning movies, so I’m trying to change my flight,” she says. “That would be a blessing.”

For the original report go toíguez-revels-in-Sundance-spotlight-615095/1

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