Tap Tap: The Haitian sitcom

Made by the talented young Haitian director Zaka, Tap Tap the sitcom is now being screened in earthquake ravaged neighborhoods of Port au Prince.
The first public showing before a Haitian audience took place tonight in Jalousie, above Pétionville where several hundred people gathered to watch and enjoy the film and left asking for more.
The goal of the Tap Tap series is to represent real-life interactions in which Haitians can recognize themselves, laugh about their challenges and celebrate their vibrant culture. The tap tap is a symbol for Haitian movement and quotidian daily life, a vehicle designed with Haitian ingenuity resourcefulness and artisanal esthetic. As the tap taps winds its way through areas devastated by the earthquake, past ravines and hillsides with camps clinging to the sides, through wealthier areas and the very heart of the capital we follow the adventures of the owner-driver Mercidieu, his Facebook-loving son and the manager who endured the hardship of a restavek life.  In this episode the tap tap breaks down outside a camp where the driver is robbed by two people who emerge from the dark and then rescued by a dreadlocked young man who emerges from a camp.
The aim of the series is to raise awareness of the challenges caused by the massive displacement of so many in a capital city and the complexity of getting people from camps back to their rebuilt communities. Versions with French and English subtitles will be posted shortly.
Please share this link : http://tinyurl.com/TapTapOne
Photos from the first episode

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