In Barbados Today: “The Three Chairs”

For those of you who are in Barbados: Holly Bynoe reminds us that Projects & Space’s “The Three Chairs” will be taking place at the Esplanade, on Bay Street in St. Michael, Barbados, starting at 3:30pm today (Sunday, January 29, 2012) and ending at 6:00pm.

People from all of the arts can participate in this project. Sheena Rose invites all artists—poet, musicians, singers, visual artists, dancers, performance artists—and the public at large to bring their ideas to this space to explore what comes out of this simple springboard: three chairs in a public place. She says, “I think it will be interesting to see what persons will do with these three chairs; would they act, sing, perform?”


For more information, you may contact or see

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