History channel team arrives to explore Guyana’s best kept secrets

As Guyana’s potentials continue to be revealed in the eyes of the regional and international arenas more individuals, businesses, organisations, tourists and wilderness explorers are coming to discover opportunities that the country has to offer, S. Coward reports.

Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce Irfaan Ali who was at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri this morning to welcome yet another team, the International History Channel, told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that Guyana is seemingly becoming an ideal explorative and tourism destination in the world. The team of over 20 cast members and crew who will be in Guyana for six weeks, shooting and capturing some of the country’s most untouched and pristine areas will further help to advance the country’s uniqueness.

“The History channel has a very wide reach and large market which is consistently looking for different products that will rekindle them with nature and, Guyana’s unique ability will help to meet those demands,” Minister Ali said.

Guyana’s present tourism ability, he noted is as a result of many investments by Government in ensuring the right and necessary infrastructure were put in place to help promote and expand the country’s potential.

He is optimistic that the documentaries that will be produced by the cast will further expand the country’s marketing reach.

“Guyana is already known as one of the leading countries in environmental protection as a result of its Low Carbon Development Strategy that is being discussed around the globe…so the environment itself is product that is in high demand from world, so this is an opportunity for us to further promote what we have,” Minister Ali explained.

Guyana’s unexplored nature is considered as the Caribbean and South America’s best kept secret, according to Tim Evans, President of the New River Holdings, a company that has been in Guyana for over five years.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (ag) Irfaan Ali with cast members and crew of  the International History Channel in Arrival Lounge at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri

“We have been searching for tourism resort and lodges across the country and we have found a lot of beautiful locations that would be terrific for eco-tourism and natural history programmes…we have been posting this information home to the history channel who have showed interest and the first crew has arrived to start filming,” Evans explained.

This historic event, he said has a lot in store for Guyana, since the documentaries will showcase the South American state and its beautiful, pristine and untold natural resources.

Guyana, he said was chosen because it is the only English speaking country in South America with non-stop flights to New York, pristine environment and warm political relations with the United States of America.

Amidst, the natural resources, he said that the country has an inventory of exotic wildlife and untouched forested areas.

“Guyana is the next great international destination to be discovered for eco-tourism…there are more pristine opportunities that are waiting to be explored here and I think this show is going to put Guyana on the map whilst creating a brand of recognition that will be recognized as a household name across the world,” Evans explained.

With this, he said that the onus is now on the people of Guyana to share with the explorers their cultures and ways of life since they are pivotal to marketing the country’s potentials.

Monica Martino one of the History Channel’s executive producers said the team will be heading into  the interior to explore the rainforest and wildlife, since Guyana is one of those places on earth that still has all its natural wonders intact.

“We wanted to share something new so we picked Guyana, since it is a place that can offer adventure, beauty, wildlife and excitement,” Martino explained.

Supervising producer Scott Madden said that title of the documentary, ‘Bamazon’ will be done in eight parts and broadcast on the History channel later this year, internationally reaching the homes of tens of millions of people around the globe.

“The documentaries will not only be based on Guyana today but how it made its historical presence in the world…the documentaries will be done through the eyes of seven men from southern Alabama who have never been to Guyana before and their perspectives about Guyana’s potential in the future…. the seven men will be exploring, looking for opportunities, investigating, camping, fishing and hiking, all of which will be captured on film,” Madden explained.

“We are delighted to be here in Guyana and to let the world know about the sustainable nature that Guyana has taken, its terms of sustaining its pristine rain forest for good of the world,” Madden said.

A and E networks is of one largest communication and broadcasting medium in America which includes the History Channel, Food TV, Life Time Movies and several other prime channels.

Many international explorers and Broadcasting Companies over the years have made several documentaries on Guyana including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which was in Guyana in February last year to film a 10-part series – Serious Explorers- Raleigh.

The BBC also shot the ‘Lost Land of the Jaguar’, the three-part series which gave the country tremendous exposure and was a huge success in Europe.

For the original report go to http://www.caribbeanpressreleases.com/articles/9100/1/History-channel-team-arrives—to-explore-Guyanas-best-kept-secrets/Page1.html

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  1. Bamazom is fascinating! My mother is from Guyana and her father was a gold and diamond miner. Her brother died gold mining when a rock crushed him. I look forward to viewing many more.

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