Georges Castera to Be Honored in the 2012 Étonnants Voyageurs Festival

Haitian poet Georges Castera will be honored in the 2012 Étonnants Voyageurs Literary Festival. The festival, which takes place from February 1 to 4 in Haiti, has as its main theme this year, “L’encre est ma demeure” [Ink is My Home], the title from Georges Castera’s work, paying tribute to the author, who will also be the writer of honor in the Livres en Folie book fair in Port-au-Prince, in June 7, 2012.  [Also see previous post]

Take the opportunity to re-discover the poet through Île en île. The site offers a detailed biography, photos, an interview with the author, and two videos featuring readings of his poems (in Creole and in French).

See Georges Castera reading a selection from his poems at

For an interview with Georges Castera for the series « 5 questions pour Île en île », see

For biography, photos, poetry selections, and videos, see Île en île at

Photo (by Jean-François Chalut) from

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