18th International and Regional Film Festival of Guadeloupe (FEMI)

The 18th International and Regional Film Festival of Guadeloupe (FEMI) begins today January 27 and continues until February 4, 2012.

This year’s eight-day event will focus on African film and will include 60 international films from Africa (including South Africa, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Benin), North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. There are 28 films that will be competing for several awards (feature films, shorts, and documentaries).

45 distinguished guests, filmmakers, directors, producers and distributors will come to meet one another, as well as local professionals and the public at large. 14 communities in Guadeloupe are offering various day-time and evening activities related to cinema. More than 100 screening will be held in outdoor and indoor venues, including screenings and contests in various prisons. For all the venues, see the FEMI link below.

FEMI Jeunesse [Youth FEMI] is also involved, presenting a variety of screenings, workshops and educational activities for school children and youngsters from Guadeloupe, Trinidad, French Guiana, and Martinique.

Within the framework of the International and Regional Film Festival of Guadeloupe, the Caribbean Film and Television Exchange, will offer screenings, exhibitions, a forum, and meetings of Caribbean professionals from national, international, Caribbean, and local film and television industries.

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

For the original announcement (in French), see http://www.caraibcreolenews.com/communiques,1,2603,guadeloupe-18e-femi-festival-ry-gional-et-international-du-ciny-ma-de-guadeloupe-du-27-janvier-au-4-fy-vrier-201.html

For venues and program, see website for FEMI 2012 at http://lefemi2012.com/le_femi_2012

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