Museum of the Americas Inaugurates an Exhibition Dedicated to Julio Rosado del Valle

The Museum of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, honors Puerto Rican painter Julio Rosado del Valle, with an exhibition of his work. The exhibition opens today, January 26, and will be on view until February 29, 2012.

Diálogo Digital writes, “An artist transcends generations, not always by how he lived his life, but by how their works are part of his legacy.” The collection brings together 28 works that explore the realms between the abstract and the figurative.

Dr. Heber Rosa Silva Amaury succeeded in gathering all the pieces that weave together Rosado’s artistic brilliance. The collection was later acquired by Tomás Dayá, who wanted to offer it to the public for the enjoyment of all those who admire his work, said María A. López Vilella, executive director of the museum.

Julio Rosado del Valle was a painter, sculptor, and artist specializing in the abstract expressionist movement. Recognized locally and internationally, Rosado del Valle’s works have been exhibited at the Ponce Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, and the United States and Europe. He died in 2008.

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