Cuban Cast of Chico and Rita Happy with Oscar Nomination

The Cuban cast of Chico and Rita, an animated feature-length film directed by Spanish director Fernando Trueba, celebrated with joy the Oscar nomination for this work, in which the filmmaker pays tribute to the music of the island.
 In statements to Prensa Latina actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, who lent her voice to a character, thanked the Director for paying homage to Cuban culture.
Blanco recalled when Trueba invited her to join the cast, which also includes Cuban actors Limara Meneses, Eman Xor Ona, Mario Guerra and Reni Arozarena, among others.
More than 70 artists and musicians of various generations are involved in this film, among them Rolando Luna, Rodney Barreto, Carlos Sarduy and Dafnis Prieto, Horacio “el Negro Hernandez,” Amadito Valdés, Idania Valdés and Pedrito Martínez.
As Trueba said in December 2010, during its premiere at the film festival in Havana, Chico and Rita is a romantic story, a bolero.
Chico and Rita, which was also directed by Trueba’s brother Toño Errando and designer and artist Javier Mariscal, had the support of the students of the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

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One thought on “Cuban Cast of Chico and Rita Happy with Oscar Nomination

  1. Alabao! Alabao! Alabao! Tres veces Alabao! Espero que hayan personajes afro-cubanos en la pelicula.. Para mantener el espiritu de celebracion de los premios Casa las Americas en que dos escritoras e investigadoras afro-cubanas fueron premiadas.HACHE PA’ TOITOS. PERUCHO

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