On the Radio: New Environmentalist Program, “Panorama Ambiental”

The program Panorama Ambiental [Environmental View] program, which began as a complement to and Atabey magazine and the newspaper I is a new project by environmental journalist Marielisa Ortiz Berríos.

The project will, among other things, add to the information provided in the written media. Ortiz Berríos states that “The need for environmental information in Puerto Rico is so great that the media available today is simply not enough. I wish we had more media that presents educational topics to move people to create awareness and action. We have to take advantage of new information and communication technologies to continue spreading the environmental message.”

[. . .] The program will include topics such as environmental education, ecology, natural resources, environmental journalism, nature tourism, and pollution, among others. It also intends to bring information to those who do not have access to modern technologies, without excluding followers of the magazine and the Panorama del Norte newspaper. The latter is a regional paper that is distributed from Hatillo to Dorado; it also includes a web platform, www.panoramadelnorte.com.

In each transmission, Panorama Ambiental will incorporate the participation of environmental activists, educators, teachers, and professionals working in government agencies and other entities. The team understands that, in time, the radio program will contemplate ​​extending its hours of transmission. “By increasing the time, we would provide the opportunity for listeners to contact us for questions,” say Ortiz Berríos.

The first airing of the program was held on January 12, 2012. The guest speaker was director of the Organización Pro Ambiente Sustentable (OPAS) [Organization for Sustainable Environment] Maylene Pérez Robles.

Panorama Ambiental is transmitted every Thursday from 5:00 to 5:30pm on Radio Hit 1250 AM and through www.radiohit.com.

For more information, you may write to panoramaambientalradio@gmail.com or see Facebook at www.facebook.com/panoramaambientalradio

For full review, see http://www.80grados.net/2012/01/un-panorama-ambiental-en-la-radio/

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