Royal Caribbean: Kate Joins Family for a Sunny Caribbean Getaway

Well, it IS the weekend and we just began the new semester, so here’s a bit of silly news. The Queen is about to be ousted as Jamaica’s Head of State and we have Prince Harry coming on a Caribbean tour to celebrate grandma’s 60 years as Queen. This weekend, however, the Duchess of Cambridge—yes, Kate of the humongous wedding herself—is reported to have flown to Mustique via St Lucia. Oh, joy! There are no photos so the pictures above are old—and for all we know she is shopping for groceries at her supermarket in Wales as I write this. But here is People magazine’s report:

Rainy and 48 degrees in London on Friday. No matter: The Duchess of Cambridge – with parents Michael and Carole, and sister Pippa – is off on a sunny vacation, PEOPLE confirmed in this report by Simon Perry.
Passengers on a British Airways flight from London’s Gatwick Airport to St. Lucia in the Caribbean were surprised to see the family in the first class section on Wednesday, a photographer blogged. Their presumed final destination: one of their regular holiday haunts, the private isle of Mustique.
It is believed that Prince William is not with them, as the search and rescue helicopter pilot is spending this week at his RAF base in Anglesey, Wales, after hunting last weekend on an estate in Spain with brother Prince Harry.

Mustique, where Kate and William have been frequent visitors, is a well-known, pricey haunt for such celebrities as Mick Jagger and Queen Elizabeth’s late sister, Princess Margaret. It was even inspected as a possible honeymoon destination for William and Kate.
The trip to the sun comes just days after Kate’s 30th birthday on Jan. 9 and before Carole’s 57th at the end of the month.
The Palace had no comment on Kate’s vacation.

Given that we are giving Kate’s vacation its own post, I don’t want other royal families to feel neglected by Repeating Islands (we may be refused press credentials for the next wedding) so we should also note that Prince Albert of Monaco and his new wife Charlene spent some time in Antigua a couple of weeks back. Here’s a photo of their romantic holiday (yuck!):

And, more formally, the Dutch Queen Beatrix, her heir Wilhem-Alexander, and his Argentine-born crown princess, Máxima, did a formal tour of everything connected to the Netherlands in the Caribbean region. Here’s a photo of the irrepressible Máx in Aruba so she does not feel slighted by our attention to Kate, as she, too, will be queen one day.

For the original People report go to,,20395222_20563244,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

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