Santo Domingo Mayor vows Colonial Zone Facelift

National District mayor Roberto Salcedo recently told news source that he will l reach an agreement with the owners of condemned buildings in the Colonial Zone and with their tenants to move those who live in them.

Speaking in the delicate topic for the third time in as many months, the Mayor said among the situations occurring in the Colonial Zone’s buildings, include people who are neither owners nor renters, but live in them just the same. “We’re working with the owners of those structures because there’s a need to agree on the several situations. For example, there’re owners who are private and which have been taken over by individuals. We’re speaking with the owners so they proceed to improve the conditions of those residences in a determined period.”

Salcedo said whether renters or squatters, “it’s necessary to reach a consensus with those people who live there so they can be moved.” The official said the inhabitants of those condemned buildings, as well as the tourists and others “run major risks,” for which the authorities will proceed to identify them as high risk buildings.

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