Famed astrologer Walter Mercado hospitalized in Puerto Rico

I think this requires an explanatory note, so I will confess that I simply LOVE Walter Mercado. And there is a reason for that . . . My mother, a beautifully skilled seamstress, made for many years the glorious flamboyant capes Walter wore on his old Sunday night television show. My mother, as a result, got very detailed weekly horoscopes for my sister and me and—to our frequent chagrin—what we were allowed or not allowed to do was frequently dictated, not by our mother’s judgment, but by Walter’s stipulations. We still loved the guy and never missed a fitting if we could help it. He must be about 80, so pneumonia is not to be taken lightly, so here I am wishing Walter—as he would always wish his audience at the end of every show, “mucha paz . . . y mucho AMOR!

So on to the news . . .

Famed astrologer Walter Mercado, who has millions of followers in Latin America, has been hospitalized in San Juan Puerto Rico with pneumonia, Sarah Moreno reports for The Miami Herald.

According to relatives, a bad cold caused Mercado, who goes by the name Shanti Ananda, to collapse Saturday at a private event on at his home in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

“Walter is stable, connected to oxygen and on antibiotics,” said his personal assistant, Willy Acosta.

According to Acosta, the stress of completing 2012 astrological predictions for various publications during the last weeks of 2011 impacted Mercado’s health.

“On Saturday, he was very pale and fainted,” Acosta said. Mercado was first treated at a hospital in Ponce and on Tuesday was transferred by air ambulance to a San Juan hospital.

“He communicates with people, but has restricted visits,” said Acosta, denying that the astrologer has suffered a heart attack.

For the original report go to http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/01/11/2584435/famed-astrologer-walter-mercado.html

3 thoughts on “Famed astrologer Walter Mercado hospitalized in Puerto Rico

  1. As you know, I also grew up listening to Walter’s predictions, but you reminded me of the most important message, which has remained etched into my mind: “mucha paz y mucho, mucho AMOR.” I join you in wishing him health, peace, and—yes—love!

  2. I love Walter Mercado…some years back I sent him a mailed letter and amazingly…he responded…not only by writing back…but also by sending me a prayer…I’m praying for him now…may God heal him…all my love Walter..Te quiero!!! from San Antonio Texas…Olga Cordoba Ondush

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