Sorrow in Cuba for Death of Percussionist Gregorio Hernández

Outstanding Cuban dancer, singer and percussionist Gregorio Hernández, popularly known as El Goyo, one of the most popular rumba players in the island, died on Sunday at the age of 75, as confirmed by sources from the Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba (UNEAC) on Monday.
The Cuban Culture Ministry and UNEAC expressed their grief at the death of the famous Cuban singer, dancer and musician.
Born in Havana on November 17, 1936, El Goyo collaborated in more than 30 album recordings, such as “The Spirit of Havana” with Canadian sax player Jane Bunnet, and the second volume of “La Rumba Soy Yo,” “Con Sentimiento Mañana” and “Grammy pa’ la Rumba.”
As a teacher, he taught generations of musicians in Cuba and other countries around the world—in Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, the United States and Canada.
Among his most popular recordings are “Rapsodia Rumbera” (1995), “Cuba Linda” (1996) and the collection “Bailes para Todos los Rumberos” (2006).
Barry Cox’s excellent rumba blog ¡Vamos a Guarachar! has a memorial notice that includes videos and a biographical sketch first published in 2006, Ned Sublette reports. You can find it at

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