Art Exhibition: “La Tierra más hermosa. Cuba”

“La Tierra más hermosa. Cuba” [The Most Beautiful Land. Cuba] is a traveling art exhibition that presents the island as seen by “the finest Spanish photographers.” The exhibition was officially inaugurated at Cuba’s National Museum of Fine Arts on December 9, 2011. Since it is a traveling exhibition, it will be on view in museums throughout the island until February. Then, it will be taken to Spain, where it will be traveling around the leading museums in the country. Susana Méndez (Cubarte) explains that the show s enriched by these divergent visions as well as the emotional and relational convergence connoted by the title—The Most Beautiful Land—a clear reference to the statement uttered by Christopher Columbus.

The exhibition gives a plural view of Cuba through the lenses of 11 photographers who present sixty-six photographs taken between 1959 and 2011. As Jorge Morla Suárez writes, the project shows the visions of Spanish photographers who display their perspectives on the island, “its people, landscapes and streets; all in all, its magic.” He adds, “This new expositive project is inspired by the way of seeing and feeling a culture, the eternal yearning of a photographer. An approach that guides us through the Isle and its mysteries; images that will take us to many spots of the archipelago, to sense the land, skin and taste of a culture.”

The photographers are Enrique Meneses, Alberto García Alix (National Award of Visual Arts in Spain), Ángel Marcos, Cristina García Rodero, Isabel Muñoz, José María Díaz-Maroto, José María Mellado, José Ramón Bas, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos ( editor of the book Cuba: cien años de fotografía) and Toni Catany. The show was curated by Juan Carlos Moya.

Most of the exhibitors were born between 1940 and 1960, except Enrique Meneses, who was born in 1929 (this photojournalist has a very personal connection to Cuba, since he arrived moved there in 1950 and later worked with the Cuban newspaper La Prensa).

The exhibition includes an excellent catalogue that gathers all of the works exhibited and five additional pieces by each of the photographers. The book includes essays by curator Juan Carlos Moya and by Moraima Clavijo Colón, director of the National Museum of Fine Arts; Eusebio Leal Spengler, official historian of the city of Havana; Manuel Cacho Quesada, ambassador of Spain in Cuba; and Pablo Barrios Almazor, diplomat and writer.

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Shown here: photo by José María Díaz-Maroto. See this and other photos at

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