Grenada Prepares for National Strike

Caribbean 360 reports that Grenada’s Technical and Allied Workers Union is gearing up for a strike sparked by an impasse at the Grenada Breweries, which according to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, may have a devastating impact on the economy if it continues unattended. Here is the full article:

The Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) has given notice that the country is just days away from a national strike. “The deterioration in the situation is that the union and the entire trade union movement is mobilising for a general strike that would lock the economy down,” TAWU President Senator Chester Humphrey explained. The action is being considered as the weeks-old industrial impasse at the Grenada Breweries Limited drags on. He said the labour movement is giving the government every opportunity to broker an agreement to the very tense situation that he described as an assault on Grenada’s sovereignty and national pride.

TAWU has accused the Trinidad-controlled brewery of locking out 120 employees who agreed to return to work in December, following strike action over pay increases. The trade union leader said the company reneged on the agreement reached following mediation by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

On Saturday, Thomas met with some of the leading businesses, and members of the religious and NGO community to discuss the issue. The Prime Minister has said that the ongoing impasse can have a devastating impact on the economy, which for the first time since the global economic meltdown, is showing growth. “We understand the possible impact that industrial action can have and is having on our country just as we are beginning to see signs of economic recovery. We must do all in our power to ensure that this impact in minimized by getting the workers back on the job and the manufacturing capacity in Grenada is restored,” the Prime Minister said.

Thomas called on all sides to “let good sense prevail”, and to appreciate and respect each other’s contribution to the country.

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