Étonnants Voyageurs Literature Festival Back in Haiti

Étonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travelers) is an international book and film festival held annually in Saint Malo (France) and variably also in Bamako (Mali), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), and Haifa (Israel). Created in 1990, it explores the (French) literatures of the world; in 2004 it was dedicated to the Caribbean. The third Haitian Étonnants Voyageurs Festival will take place on February 1-4, 2012. Here are two recent news items, the first from AlterPresse and the second from Prensa Latina. Out thanks to Peter Jordens for the information included in this post.

The International Literature Festival, Étonnants Voyageurs, is planning its third Haitian edition on February 1-4, with the participation of 25 foreign writers, AlterPresse has learned.

Danny Laferriere, Michel Le Bris, Lyonel Trouillot, Régis Debray, and the 2008 winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Jean-Marie Le Clézio, will be amongst those present.

Writers will go into nine cities located outside Port-au-Prince, including Jacmel (in the South-East), Gonaïves (North), and Port-de-Paix (North-West). They will hold presentations in libraries and schools, including 15 in the Western Province.

The 2012 edition will pay tribute to the Haitian poet and drawing artist Georges Castera. The theme is “L’encre est ma demeure” (Ink is my home), which is the title of an anthology of Castera’s poems published between 1992 and 1999 upon the initiative of Lyonel Trouillot.

The Étonnants Voyageurs Festival was organized for the first time in Haiti in 2007. The [second Haitian] edition scheduled for January 2010 could not take place in the country because of the earthquake of January 12 [and was subsequently Held in France in May 2010; see post “Haitian Authors Star at France’s Étonnants Voyageurs Festival”, https://repeatingislands.com/2010/05/24/haitian-authors-star-at-frances-etonnants-voyageurs-festival].

For the original item (in French), go to http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article12144.

French writer Jean-Marie Le Clézio, a Nobel laureate in 2008, will inaugurate the third Haitian Étonnants Voyageurs International Literature Festival on February 1, the organizing committee has informed in a communiqué.

Other notables expected to attend this most important event include French authors Michel Le Bris and Régis Debray. The program of activities includes lectures in libraries, schools, public spaces, and in refugee camps where some 500,000 Haitians live since the quake of January 2010.

During the Festival, organizers plan to pay tribute to Haitian poet and drawing artist Georges Castera (1936), one of the voices representing contemporary Caribbean literature, who won the regional literary Carbet Prize in 2006.

For the original item, see http://www.plenglish.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=465317&Itemid=1.

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