Haiti: Writer and Playwright Mona Guerin Passes Away at 77

The writer and playwright, Mona Guerin, creator of the famous Haitian soap opera “Woy! Les Voila!,” died Friday, December 30 as a result of pneumonia. Author of the successful soap opera (950 episodes), numerous plays, newspaper articles and the famous column “Mi-figue mi-raisin” in Le Nouvelliste, Mona Guerin died peacefully while his family believed her out of danger.

Mona Guerin was a jack of all trades. Her first calling was as a teacher, but she was soon found on the Haitian stage, writing 5 plays between 1966 and 1976. She wrote numerous radio soap operas for radio Nouveau Monde, radio Metropole, Magik Stereo and Radio Soleil. Her work for television included 150 sketches for the show Gala de Gallerie). She was a frequent contributor to newspapers and was the author of a collection of poetry and two collections of short stories.

Ms Guerin had been ailing for several years and had not been seen much in public before her death. She is survived by two daughters, Elisabeth and Christina Guerin.

For the original report go to http://defend.ht/entertainment/articles/tv/2361-haiti-famous-writer-and-playwright-mona-guerin-is-gone

Photo from Île-en-île at http://www.lehman.cuny.edu/ile.en.ile/archives/images/guerin.jpg

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