Chalice Works on a 30th-Anniversary Album

Chalice, the Jamaican reggae band formed in 1980 is currently working on a 30th-anniversary album. Basil Walters (Jamaica Observer), who explains that the band’s name derived from a smoking pipe, points out that some of the tracks feature other well-known singers such as Tarrus Riley, Ernie Smith, and Tanya Stephens. He also stresses that, in a recent performance at Redbones Blues Café in New Kingston, the group was at its best.

[Band manager Henry “Sadiki” Buckley Jr., said] “For Chalice right now, what we are doing is pretty much working on an anniversary album. This anniversary album is going to encompass 30 years of Chalice’s music. So we are going all the way back to even some of the original cuts of the songs and actually taking some of those songs and redoing them.” [ . . .]

The seven-man aggregation of Dean Stephens (lead vocals), Wayne Armond (guitar/vocals), Ervin ‘Alla’ Lloyd (keyboards/vocals), Donald Waugh (lead guitar), Jerome Tulloch (keyboards), Patrick Anderson (drums) and ‘Papa’ Keith Francis (bass) was at its best.

The group’s performance included hit songs such as “It’s Good to Be There,” “Dangerous Disturbances,” “Trapped,” “Revival Time,” “A Song A Song,” “I Still Love You,” “Walking To Somalia.” During his stint, Buckley — who has been singing professionally for approximately 20 years — delivered “Love Mood,” “Your My African Queen,” “All Over The World,” and “Santa Claus.”

[. . .] “I manage the band (Chalice), but I have my solo career as well. I’ve been singing about 20 years and I have an album that came out last year with Joe Fraser Records called Lifeline. The album came out in September of last year. It went to number two on the New York and South Florida Top 30 Reggae charts. The song ‘You Are My African Queen’ actually went to number one this year on the BBC chart,” said the Jamaica-born, US-based Buckley, who toured with Beres Hammond as opening act for a number of years.

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