Barbados: Another canvas for artistic expression

The newly opened Gallery at Barbados’ Sheraton Mall has made its first impression with a wide-ranging exhibit of 44 paintings by 25 artists. These artists recently entered the 2011 Carmichael Prize Exhibition of which Heidi Berger, Sue Trew and Cathy Alkins emerged the winners, as Allison Ramsay reports in the Barbados Advocate.
“Homemakers” took in some of the sights of the Gallery at Sheraton Mall, Sergeants Village, Christ Church and spoke to these winners about their work.
Heidi Berger, who won the Critic’s Prize for the piece ‘Silk Weaver’s Daughter’ (see image above) has been painting for about 20 years. Her subject is mainly women, particularly Barbadian women, but her winning piece of an Asian girl holds a special place in her heart.
“The Silk Weaver’s Daughter’ is a portrait about a girl who is ten years old, who looks somewhat older than her years, that I met in a silk-weaving village in Cambodia. Silk weavers at this point of time are becoming extinct since the raw material is so difficult to get but all of the weaving is done by hand. This girl impressed me so much that I painted her,” Berger explained.
She said the technique used for this acrylic on wood piece was painting without a brush. The background is poured paint and the front is all done either with her fingers or pieces of wood.
Sue Trew won the People’s Choice Prize. The over 500 people who visited the Gallery were eligible to vote and Trew came out on top for her oil on canvass painting called ‘Careenage At Sunset.’
“This painting shows you the silhouettes of the boats and the boardwalk. People just love the fact that they knew the scene but they didn’t recognise quite where it was. It took them a couple of minutes to look at it and take in the actual beauty of the sunset. Apparently, they just walked along and stopped and stared at that particular painting for quite a while, which is an honour,” said Trew.
Trew started painting two years ago, following in the footsteps of her mother, artist Jill Walker and her oldest daughter, Holly Trew who is an emerging artist.
“When I saw how well she was doing at school in art, it made me realise I should start painting. So now all three of us are involved in art and we are working towards a three-generation art show in March,” said Trew.
Cathy Alkins has been painting all of her life, but recently restarted in 2005. She teaches art to children while still being an art student of Heidi Berger. Alkins, who won Best Emerging Artist for ‘Sunflowers’, says that her life is art.
Speaking about the painting, she said it is an attempt to do a technique called negative painting. “You start out with a colour, you paint around that colour creating the shape that you want. I stopped and started and took a long time on this as I played around to see what would eventually emerge. I am pleased with it as it is different. My work is heavily influenced by my art teacher, Heidi Berger,” she said.
Patrons will see at this new gallery various subjects and techniques ranging from ‘Children By Three Houses Stream’ by Lorna Wilson, ‘Hunte’s Garden’ by Alison Chapman Andrews, ‘Broad Street 1908’ by Michael Naemsch to Gina Foster’s ‘Day Before Tomas.’

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