Marlon Roudette is huge in Germany

Raised in West London and on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, Marlon Roudette, tasted fame with the duo Mattafix in 2005 when their tune Big City Life was a global smash. Then things took a bad turn. The band lost their deal and split, and Marlon had his heart broken—as Gavin Martin reports in London’s Mirror.

“I was engaged to a beautiful woman,” says the 26-year-old. “I managed to screw that up very quickly. Then I couldn’t get out of bed, but I knew as a songwriter it was totally necessary that I go through the experience.”

Now, with the pan-global pop of his solo debut Matter Fixed already a Europe-wide hit, Marlon, the son of producer Cameron McVey (Massive Attack, All Saints), draws on his often enviable life experience.

“I was less than one when mum and dad split up,” he says. “She carted us off to St Vincent. It was an amazing place to grow up. There was always music and I was always outdoors.”

Marlon admits relations with his father are difficult and that his music has developed without McVey’s involvement, but his single New Age was one of the biggest tunes of the year. It’s already an anthem in Germany where it was No 1 for eight weeks.

“I feel a real affinity with Germany,” Marlon says. “So many bands from The Beatles to Bowie and U2 have reinvented themselves there.”

● Matter Fixed is released on January 16.

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