Watch 60 Minutes Video: The Gardens of the Queen

If you missed last night’s broadcast of “The Gardens of the Queen,” the “60 Minutes” documentary about the spectacular reef off Cuba’s coast, you can watch the segment (or read the complete transcript) by following the link below:

60 Minutes cameras take you on an underwater adventure off the Cuban coast to one of the world’s most pristine and vibrant coral reefs, known as the Gardens of the Queen. Anderson Cooper scuba dives with marine biologist David Guggenheim, dodging giant groupers and sharks, to explore this increasingly rare oasis. Scientists estimate that 25 percent of the world’s reefs have died off and much of what’s left is at risk.

For video, video transcript, and photos go to

One thought on “Watch 60 Minutes Video: The Gardens of the Queen

  1. Excellent video! Just recently, I was having a conversation on how 90% of the world’s sharks—not to mention, tuna, swordfish, and groupers, like the spectacular Goliath grouper shown in the video—have disappeared. This protected reef zone was truly awe-inspiring.


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