If you have a bit of cash to spare for Christmas: the Limited Edition Cohiba Behike Cigar

Paul A. Ebeling reports on the world’s most exclusive Cuban cigar.

Just out: A guest at The Lanesborough Hotel near Buckingham Palace recently paid 3,000 pounds for a Cohiba Behike cigar made by the personal roller to former Cuban President Fidel Castro, said bar manager Giuseppe Ruo.

Cigar tobacco is grown in many places in the Americas and Caribbean, but some cigars manufactured in Cuba are widely considered the best cigars in the World.

As expensive cigars are symbols of wealth and success, the World’s most expensive cigars hold far more value than their price tag suggests.

The cigar (192mm length – ring 52) is handmade by Norma Fernández, torcedora (roller) at the Havana-located El Laguito Cohiba factory. She has developed her own secret blends of the best Cuban tobacco from Pinar del Río, Vuelto Abajo.

Cohiba Behikes are sold in humidors of 40 pieces, exclusively in the official ‘Casa del Habano’ stores.

Just 4,000 of the Limited Edition Cohiba “Behike” cigars have been released for sale. Each box includes 40 cigars and retails for about US$18,846 or US$420 for each.

For the original report go to http://www.livetradingnews.com/limited-edition-cohiba-behike-cigar-59757.htm

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