Yanni Performs at El Morro in Puerto Rico

With the historic El Morro as a backdrop, Greek superstar composer Yanni fulfilled a two-decade wish to perform at the famed Puerto Rican landmark, Jackie Scheskler Finch reports for examiner.com.

On Friday night, Dec. 16, the concert pianist dazzled thousands of audience members with an outdoor concert. Mother Nature punctuated the performance with sea winds and rainstorms.

Twenty years ago, Yanni said he dreamed of appearing at the famed 16th century citadel in San Juan. “Tonight proves that dreams do come true,” Yanni told an appreciative audience.

With a set estimated to cost $3 million, the concert will be aired by PBS and a DVD will be released in 2012.

During the second song of the performance, raindrops began falling.

“Excuse me, safety comes first,” Yanni said before leaving the stage. The sudden rain delayed his return for about a half hour.

The festive mood of the concertgoers kept most of them in their seats with umbrellas shared and plastic bags used as makeshift raincoats. A large sheet of plastic was held aloft to cover much of the first six rows of music lovers in a front section of the audience. Ripples of songs floated from audience members who scrunched together to stay dry.

“There is a saying Greece,” Yanni said when he returned to loud applause, “the wet man is not afraid of the rain.”

Among the concert highlights were performances of “The End of August,” “Nightingale,” and “Felitsa,” which was written for Yanni’s mother. The musical tribute was for the woman who gave him strength, and love “and taught me to go after my dreams,” Yanni said

Shortly after 11 p.m. during the song “Marching Season,” the concert was again stopped by rain. But this time, however, the stage was drenched and the rain looked as though it would continue. With two songs left to perform, the concert was ended.

“I heard what I came to hear,” Fernando Cruz said, exiting the old fortress with a big smile on his face. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I will never forget it.”

For the original report go to http://www.examiner.com/international-travel-in-indianapolis/yanni-performs-at-el-morro-puerto-rico

3 thoughts on “Yanni Performs at El Morro in Puerto Rico

  1. In my opinion and in fairness and representation of many local artists and musicians who echo my sentiment, it is a sad day when a rusting vestige of new age music in obvious decline is paid such an insulting fee. Puerto Rico would have been better served and represented on a global scale by featuring its own music which is recognized internationally.

  2. I wonder how many unenployed Puerto Ricans or families of the women victims of domestic violence or students excluded from the University system in the Island were in that concert? While Yanni sings and make money the Puerto Rican people suffers the “infortunios de Fortuno” (the infortunes of Fortuno), the opprerssive Governor of Puerto Rico that amongst other outrageous acts are the denial of equal human and civil rights defense and lwaful protection of homosexuals, both female and males and the non-enforcement of laws protecting Puerto Rican women against domestic violence. COLINAZO.

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