Colin Dayan’s “The Gods in the Trunk or Chauvet’s Remnants”

This past November, Colin Dayan gave a talk at Barnard College in which she explored the “the wrinkle in the business of divinity” – the revealing interplay of matter and not-matter, of defilement and exaltation at the crux of personhood. With Haitian author Marie Chauvet’s Amour, Colere et Folie  as her prompt, Dayan moved to rethink our understanding of the “supernatural” by questioning the context of the sacred and the meaning of accursed objects.

The lecture was part of a Book Talk LEctures Series that explored the aesthetics that emerge from the spiritual practices of “African-derived” religions organized by Alessandra Benedicty and Kaiama Glover.

The groundbreaking lecture is now available in its entirety on youtube. You can access it at

or watch it here:


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