Telenovela Heartthrob Julián Gil Undresses for a Good Cause

Argentine-born, Puerto Rican actor Julián Elías Gil Beltrán undresses for a calendar for a good cause. The model and telenovela [soap opera] leading actor was raised in Puerto Rico and lived in Venezuela and the United States (Florida). It seems like many of his roles involve his naked torso, but the actor has been able to use his assets to promote initiatives for childhood nutrition, such as Mexico’s ONI (Organización de Nutrición Infantil) and other similar projects.  Puerto Rico’s El Vocero reports:

The philanthropic vein has always run through Julián Gil’s professional life.  This is the purpose the actor and model [in posing for] a charity calendar that aims to raise funds for different entities in New York, Miami, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The initiative kicked off in the Mexican capital, where the telenovela “La que no podía amar” [The Woman Who Could Not Love] by Televisa is being shot. Here, he became acquainted with the work of ONI, a foundation dedicated to helping children suffering from malnutrition in that country. The actor explained, “[When] I met the people from ONI, I knew that I had to work with them. Thank God, my friends at Ciclón (energy drink) in Puerto Rico helped me and sponsored me for the project, so that I could donate all the proceeds to this institution. [All] the people have to do is to buy milk for ONI and they receive a free calendar.”

According to the artist, in New York—where he will go after promoting  the project  in Mexico—he will donate the calendar to those offering clothing to the homeless, while in Miami and Puerto Rico, he is still in process of selecting the charities that will have an impact [in society].

The photos in the calendar were taken by Omar Cruz and graphic production was in the hands of Rita Campos, both from Puerto Rico. They were taken in the Brick Hotel in Mexico City.

[Many thanks to Larry La Fountain for bringing this item to our attention.]

For full article, “Se desnuda por la leche” (in Spanish), see

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